The Origins of Management and Measurement in Missiology

The origins of management and measurement in missiology are shrouded in the veils of history and my own ignorance. It starts very early when people (especially evangelists) begin to correlate certain methods with certain results (either bad or good). We can already see an obvious focus on using right methods to get right results in…… Continue reading The Origins of Management and Measurement in Missiology

The Heart of Integral Mission is … the Heart

Christian development has a long history, and a checkered one, if we are honest. One of the latest developments from a historical perspective is the professionalization of the field in the 80s and 90s, ably described by Bryant Myers, in his book Walking with the Poor. Prior to that time, development workers were “talented amateurs”…… Continue reading The Heart of Integral Mission is … the Heart

God, the Great Communicator

God exists, and He makes Himself known. These are two basic tenets of the Christian faith. God is not only a Creator, God is a communicator. Have you ever wondered why God communicates the way He does? It’s a fascinating question. The problem that parents face when trying to communicate with their small children fades…… Continue reading God, the Great Communicator

Evangelism Metrics

Google returns approximately 471,000 results for “the unfinished task”. Nine of the top ten results are links to content about the Great Commission, the unfinished task of the Christian faith. Tasks are part of a conceptual realm primarily associated with work. Management, scheduling, resource allocation, efficiency, strategic planning, and metrics all exist in the same…… Continue reading Evangelism Metrics

Baptizing Methods

This post is not about the various methods of baptizing a new believer. It’s about something much more important, the Western church’s penchant to baptize certain methodologies because they have produced spiritual success. This is exactly the action that a social scientist or anthropologist would predict for any person (Christian or not) coming from a…… Continue reading Baptizing Methods

Integral Mission and Donors

Quick Definition of Integral Mission Integral mission is a simple concept with complex implications. One way to define integral mission is  the belief that a human life is a seamlessly integrated whole. There are physical, spiritual, emotional, social, political, economic, religious aspects of every human’s existence and they are all inter-related. Who we are as…… Continue reading Integral Mission and Donors

Biblical Foundations of Integral Mission – Pt. 5 – At the End, We Begin Again

I’ve been asked to conduct a training on the biblical foundations of integral mission, also known as holistic ministry or transformational development. There are many folks who have addressed this question more ably than I. My favorite discussion so far is Bryant Myers in the second edition of his book Walking with the Poor. Here are…… Continue reading Biblical Foundations of Integral Mission – Pt. 5 – At the End, We Begin Again